Numbers of all players for the Ohio Blue Jackets

Fans of the Blue Jackets who may be interested in more effective ways to support their team may be surprised to discover just how many opportunities to do so can be found. Organizing events that celebrate the team, meeting other fans that share your interest and investing your efforts in ways that can provide you with superior opportunities can all help ensure that the upcoming season will be a truly memorable one. From attending a Read the rest…

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Names of players for the Ohio Blue Jackets hockey team

The Ohio Blue Jackets hockey team is based out of the capital city, Columbus, and includes a diverse group of players from around the world, united by their love of the game.

The team includes forwards Artem Anisimov from Yaroslavl, Russia, Cam Atkinson from Riverside, Connecticut, Jared Boll from Charlotte, North Carolina, Matt Calvert from Brandon, Manitoba in Canada, Black Comeau from Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan in Canada and Brandon Dubinsky from Anchorage, Alaska. Other forwards include Nick Foligno from Buffalo, New York, Marian Read the rest…

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Where does the Ohio Blue Jackets rank

The Ohio Blue Jackets are one of the most exciting teams in the state of Ohio. The Junior Blue Jackets are able to recruit some of the best young players throughout the state and take on all comers from the rest of the United States. The team has enjoyed success in tournaments throughout the country and is well-respected in junior hockey circles.

Hockey is an up and coming sport in football-crazed Ohio. For young athletes who are looking for an alternative to the more traditional sports of basketball, football Read the rest…

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Where are the Ohio Blue Jackets hockey games played

Where The Ohio Blue Jackets Hockey Games Are Played

The Ohio Blue Jackets were one of the most promising teams in the USHL. The Ohio Blue Jackets played their games at the Nationwide Arena, which is home to NHL team Columbus Blue Jackets. In 2008 the Ohio Blue Jackets announced that they will be ceasing operations. Many of the veterans of the Ohio Blue Jackets were transferred to the Fargo Force protected list team. In addition, all the players on the Ohio Blue Jackets team suddenly became free agents once the team ceased to exist. The Ohio Blue Read the rest…

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Do the Ohio Blue Jackets travel

This is my blog about all you ever wanted to know about the Ohio Junior Blue Jackets hockey team and if they traveled. I recently did some research about the Ohio Junior Blue Jackets and information is hard to come by. It seems as if the team that called the Nationwide Arena in Columbus home were only active for two years from 2006-2008. Owned by the Columbia Dispatch and with head coach John Fritsche and general manager Don Harkins, there is not much information available online Read the rest…

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The record for the Ohio Blue Jackets hockey team

Columbus entered an expansion bid, in 1997, in hopes of hosting another hockey team. After the Cleveland Barons left in 1978 they went 22 years without an NHL team. The team played their first season opener in October, 2000 in which they lost to the Chicago Blackhawks, 5-3. They finished the season with a 28-39-9-6 record after scoring a total of 71 points. They placed last in the Central Division and failed to qualify for the playoffs.

The following season the Blue Jackets finished next to last in Read the rest…

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Schedule for the Ohio Blue Jackets hockey team

Dedicated fans want to know what is in store for this year’s sports schedule for the Ohio Blue Jackets hockey team. This killer National Hockey League team was up against teams like the Coyotes, the Avalanche and the Islanders this past April, but who knows what is in store for next season. The Blue Jackets boast some of the best-known hockey players in the NHL. Just last week, the team signed on Derek Mackenzie for a Read the rest…

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Team colors for the Ohio Blue Jackets

The National Hockey League’s Columbus, Ohio Blue Jackets assemble thousands of fans on a regular basis to cheer, web site, support, and celebrate in a united front for their great cause: to win the game! Much as soldiers, generals, volunteers, soldier camps, and army bases banded together during the Civil War to boost each others’ morale, support their brothers in the fight, and to celebrate their homelands for their great cause.

What better way to illustrate this patriotic and prideful team’s association with such rich Civil War history than through red, white, and blue team colors? More specifically: Union blue, goal red, capital silver, and white.The full explanation can be found at The blue of their Union, the red to signify their brave goal, the richness of the silver, and the purity of the white binds team members and fans together with a flawless cohesion.

That great Shawnee leader from the Ohio Country called Blue Jacket would be proud of his close namesake. Blue Jacket rallied his team members and banded with his brothers in common cause shortly after the American Revolutionary War, in this very spot.

With their Union blue, white stripes, and Civil War era cannon, their “We Fight! We March!” mantra hits the mark, every time.

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